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The Most Versatile Financial Tool – Life Insurance

In this episode, Celeste McKeefery, founder and president of Beachhurst Financial explains the importance of life insurance and how affordable it can actually be.  Find out why Celeste considers life insurance the most versatile financial tool for your portfolio.

Celeste discusses: 

  • The best time to get life insurance
  • All the benefits that can come with life insurance
  • How life insurance can be used as a wealth transfer tool
  • Why an Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is considered the rich man’s Roth IRA
  • And more!

Connect With Celeste McKeefery:

About Our Guest: 

Raised and educated in England, Celeste has resided in the United States since 1988.  

As an Independent Life and Health Insurance agent and Annuity specialist, she has worked directly with clients since 2008 helping them understand the benefits of various Life and Health Insurance products. Her objective is to help clients not only meet their goals but far exceed them.


Lifetime Financial Strategies (A 21st Century Financial Planning Process) With Cary Cowan

A lot of times people are afraid to discuss their finances since it requires you to open up your entire life and become vulnerable for the vision you wish to create for the future.

In this episode of the SimplyAdvised podcast we talk with Cary Cowan, chairman and CEO of Cowan Financial Group, about his intriguing book that teaches clients and financial professionals a philosophical and relationship-based approach to financial planning that is unlike any other.

Cary Cowan discusses: 

  • The ideology and meaning behind his book 
  • How the book helps clients prepare for their personal and financial visions
  • How to maintain and build honest long-term relationships with clients
  • The six steps to financial planning
  •  And more


Connect With Cary Cowan:

About Our Guest: 

Cary Cowan is a certified financial planner, although he wants to be known as a life planner and is the CEO of Cowan Financial Group. In 1970, he began his career in the insurance industry, and in 1979, he founded his own firm, expanding his practise to encompass financial and retirement planning, business planning, and investments.

He believes that a true financial professional listens to clients and prospects and understands what they are saying. “You have to be empathetic to your client’s needs and not your own pocketbook.” Cary believes in forming long term relationships and not just clientele. It is his philosophy that propelled him to write this book to help others understand more than just numeric fundamentals of financial planning. 

The Advantages of Working With an Independent Advisor With Francesco Coccimiglio

Independent advisors are overcoming industry challenges to better assist Canadians! 

In this SimplyAdvised Podcast, Francesco Coccimiglio, an independent advisor and portfolio manager at Hampton Securities Limited, discusses the advantages of working with an independent advisor, the different facets that clients look for and his holistic approach to financial planning.  

Francesco Coccimiglio discusses: 

  • What wealth management looks like in canada
  • Why empowerment and education is a critical component when dealing with clients 
  • Why he decided to become an independent advisor 
  • The advantages of working with an independent advisor
  • The cruciality of his planning process
  • And more

Connect With Francesco Coccimiglio: 

About Our Guest: 

Francesco Coccimiglio is the vice president, investment advisor and portfolio manager for Hampton Securities Limited and has dedicated the past 13 years to putting his clients in control of their financial future through creative- wealth building strategies. He is a firm believer in placing clients’ interests first while also educating them on critical financial matters, which he does by stripping wealth management of the baffling jargon and persistent noise typically associated with his industry. 

Francesco lives in Toronto with his wife and 2 children. He is an avid cyclist and has a passion for travel to all the deep corners of the globe. He is currently the President of the Kiwanis Club of Casa Loma.

Sequence of Returns for Retirees – with Frederick Pratt Sr and Fred Pratt Jr

Dedicated to providing investment solutions and strategic wealth planning that is right for you!  

In this episode of the SimplyAdvised podcast, we speak with Wealth Harvest Group’s Fredrick Pratt Sr, MFA, RWM and Frederick Jr, CFP®, CLU about the importance of understanding your clients, their collective philosophy, and the concept of sequence of returns with retirees.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Their path to becoming professionals in the financial services industry
  • What differentiates them as financial advisors, accompanied by a brief introduction to the team
  • The client process and their ideal client
  • About the sequence of returns with retirees
  • And more.

Listen in to learn more about their approach to assisting families and businesses in accumulating, growing, and harvesting wealth in a tax-efficient manner.

Resources: Fredrick Pratt Jr.: (613) 829-7874 Ext. 217 | Frederick Pratt Sr.: (613) 829-7874 Ext. 292 | Wealth Harvest Group | Wealth Harvest Group Facebook | How to Adult Ottawa  | Wealth Harvest Group Twitter

Taxation in Retirement Made Simple with Frank Marano

Do you know what taxes you will owe in retirement?

In this episode of the SimplyAdvised Podcast, we speak with Frank Marano, licenced fiduciary financial advisor at Marano Consulting on the significance of taxation in retirement. As well as real-life client experiences, warning signs, and pitfalls you don’t want to overlook!

Frank Marano discusses: 

  • What he does for his clients and what makes him a unique financial advisor
  • Why tax planning is so important
  • Taxation laws you should be aware of
  • How Social Security is taxed
  • What happens when you lose a spouse
  • And more


Connect With Frank Marano:

About Our Guest: 

Frank Marano, is a licensed fiduciary financial advisor at Marano Consulting, and has helped individuals and businesses prepare for success for over 25 years, his advice has appeared on, Forbes, and He provides clients with experience and solid knowledge to help put them on the path toward financial independence.

The Fundamentals of Developing a Successful Financial Plan With Thomas Southard

Life happens so fast; it’s relatively simple at first, but as we go through various life-stages we rarely pause and make the adjustments necessary for the future. By planning, clients can become more confident and seek solutions to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

In this episode, we speak with Tom Southard, CRC, a financial professional with Thrive Wealth Solutions, on the significance of creating a successful financial plan that may work through various life stages to help you create confidence in accomplishing your life-fulfilling goals!

Tom discusses: 

  • His ideal client, and how he helps them accomplish their overall life-fulfilling goals
  • Why risk minimization and mitigation are so important 
  • The different aspects of planning
  • How he incorporates his client’s goals and dreams into the plan itself
  • Long-term care expenses
  • And more


Connect With Thomas Southard: 

About Our Guest:  

Tom Southard: Tom is a financial professional, CRC, at Thrive Wealth Solutions in San Jose, California. His 30+ years of expertise in the tech industry enables him to add substantial value to his clients through easily relating to their needs and goals.

College Preparation and Taxation Strategies — with Benjjamin Zales

When it comes to education and college planning, families need to be considerate about their immediate needs and be aware of the financial factors that could potentially influence their opportunities. 

In this episode of the SimplyAdvised podcast, we talk with Benjjamin Zales, the founder, and CEO of Innovare Consulting Development Group, LLC, about the importance of college planning and tax-efficient investing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Benjjamin’s inspirational journey as a financial advisor 
  • Why the statement “it’s the rich against the poor” is a lie
  • The drawbacks of putting money into a 529 plan
  • Actionable strategies for tax planning
  • And more.

Discover effective college planning and taxation strategies with Benjjamin Zales! Download today. 

Resources: Benjjamin Zales: (929) 253 – 2684 | Innovare Consulting Development Group, LLC | Benjjamin’s Email 888-770-3901

Solving the Puzzle of Insurance — with Lisa Reynolds

It’s not just you; Selecting the right insurance plan can be very challenging and, at times, difficult to understand.

Today, on this episode of the SimplyAdvised podcast we speak with Lisa Reynolds, the founder and owner of Lisa Reynolds Insurance Agency, LLC. Lisa guides listeners through the puzzle of insurance, she explains the importance of insurance, how it can protect you, why you need it, and touches on the essential questions you should be asking your agent!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The different pieces in your insurance puzzle 
  • The importance of working with someone you trust
  • What it means to be an independent insurance agency
  • Questions you should be asking your insurance agent
  • The importance of insurance 
  • And more.

Fill in the pieces to your insurance puzzle with Lisa Reynolds today! 

Resources: Lisa Reynolds Insurance Agency, LLC : (573) 778-1516 | Lisa Reynolds LI | Lisa Reynolds FB

The IRA Exit Strategy BluePrint – with Brad Gotto

It’s time to take a closer look at your retirement account.

In this SimplyAdvised episode we meet with Brad Gotto, an RICP advisor and one of the founding partners at Fiat Wealth Management. Brad walks us through a unique strategy to exit your IRA’s and discusses the concerns people have with taxes in retirement. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 applies to you
  • How your deferred investments can become part of what we call the widow/widower tax 
  • What the three tax buckets are
  • What tools are used for tax control and how they can help you
  • And more

Tune in now to learn more about this unique and educational approach to the IRA Exit Strategy!

Resources: Fiat Wealth Management: (952) 462-9116 | Brad Gotto | Events Calendar | SimplyAdvised

Your Ultimate Guide To the Bucket Strategy — With Mason Gorris

Would you like to take a simplified approach to financial planning that gives you a buffer during market volatility?

Today, Mason Gorris, an InvestWise Financial LLC financial planner, shares his knowledge and experience about the bucket strategy. You’re about to discover why applying this strategy can benefit your long-term retirement plan and stop you from making emotional investment decisions. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What the bucket strategy is 
  • What the three components are in the bucket strategy
  • How to incorporate the bucket strategy in your financial plan
  • Reasons for you to consider this strategy over other investment plans
  • How the bucket strategy can help protect your money from inflation
  • And more!

Tune in to this episode to discover how you can implement the bucket strategy in your long-term retirement plan! 

Resources: InvestWise Financial | Mason Gorris on LinkedIn | Mason Gorris on Facebook | Simply Advised