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College Preparation and Taxation Strategies — with Benjjamin Zales

When it comes to education and college planning, families need to be considerate about their immediate needs and be aware of the financial factors that could potentially influence their opportunities. 

In this episode of the SimplyAdvised podcast, we talk with Benjjamin Zales, the founder, and CEO of Innovare Consulting Development Group, LLC, about the importance of college planning and tax-efficient investing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Benjjamin’s inspirational journey as a financial advisor 
  • Why the statement “it’s the rich against the poor” is a lie
  • The drawbacks of putting money into a 529 plan
  • Actionable strategies for tax planning
  • And more.

Discover effective college planning and taxation strategies with Benjjamin Zales! Download today. 

Resources: Benjjamin Zales: (929) 253 – 2684 | Innovare Consulting Development Group, LLC | Benjjamin’s Email 888-770-3901